Urmie D. Seenarine

Savory Dishes of Caribbean

The West Indian American Cookbook emerges as a winning formula with uncomplicated but healthy recipes. This delightful cookbook features 107 easy, homestyle recipes guaranteed to spice up your everyday cooking.

From breakfast to dessert, Urmie Seenarine, a native Guyana cook, organizes this book by food type-chicken, lamb, beef, veal, pork, turkey, fish and shrimp, and desserts and miscellaneous-with an easy-to-navigate index system.

Book Reviews:


“This book has a few good recipes I can use.”
– Fantasy Reader, Amazon Customer


“Very helpful book. Can use it anytime”
– Anonymous, Amazon Customer

“I happened to stumble upon this little marvel by one Urmie Seenarine–and whoever Urmie Seenarine is, she definitely deserves her own TV show. If you like simple, deeply flavorful, just-exotic-enough recipes with clear, unfussy instructions crafted by an author who draws you irresistibly into a vivid gastronomic culture full of character and pizzazz, order this charmer NOW. You won’t regret it.”

– Courtney Farell, Amazon Customer

About the Author

Urmie D.Seenarine born and raised in Guyana, started cooking at the early age of eleven. She learned cooking techniques and use of exotic ingredients from her father who was the unofficial village cook. She currently lives in Queens, New York with her husband, two children and three grandchildren.

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